Robbie Lyle is a British television presenter and YouTube personality. He is the founder and host of the popular YouTube channel "Arsenal Fan TV". He has gained a reputation for providing in-depth and passionate analysis of English football club Arsenal FC, as well as for conducting post-match interviews with fans and players.

Born and raised in London, Lyle has been a lifelong fan of Arsenal FC and has been following the club for over 30 years. In 2012, he founded Arsenal Fan TV, which has since become one of the most popular YouTube channels dedicated to English football. With over a million subscribers, the channel has become an important platform for football fans around the world to share their thoughts and opinions on the sport.

Aside from hosting Arsenal Fan TV, Lyle is also known for his work as a television presenter, having appeared on several British television shows and sports networks. He has interviewed some of the biggest names in English football, including former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger and current England manager Gareth Southgate.

Overall, Robbie Lyle is a well-respected and influential figure in the world of English football, and his contributions to the sport through Arsenal Fan TV and his other media work have made a lasting impact on the sport and its fans.

Robbie Lyle Net Worth

The net worth of Robbie Lyle is not publicly disclosed. Information about the personal finances of celebrities and public figures is typically kept private and is not readily available to the public. It is also important to note that estimates of net worth can vary widely and may not be entirely accurate.

As a television presenter and YouTube personality, Robbie Lyle has certainly had a successful career and has built a large following on his channel "Arsenal Fan TV". While his exact net worth is not known, it is likely that he has earned a significant amount of money through his work in media and through his association with the popular YouTube channel.

Robbie Lyle Wife & Family 

Robbie Lyle was born on September 10, 1972, and he will turn 51 in 2023.

Although Robbie Lyle is married, he hasn't yet given his wife's name access to the internet.

Lyle was greeted by his better half and his daughter on the occasion of AFTV's celebration. During the encounter, Robbie's significant other seemed happy and delighted with his better half, inquiring about the origin of the encounter.

Robbie has a Brother named Laurie who is also a massive Arsenal Fan. Sometimes Robbie can be seen hosting shows with his brother on AFTV.

How it all Started:

Prior to leaving his position to devote himself entirely to ArsenalFanTV, Lyle was a surveyor. Together with his videographer "Tao," who had also left his job to seek a career on YouTube, he founded the channel.

After Arsenal's 5-2 victory over local rival Tottenham Hotspur, their first fan interviews were held.

Lyle responded when asked why he decided to start the channel "The so-called pundits, the majority of whom aren't even present for the games, have had their enough. So I created my own channel to get feedback from true fans that had genuine opinions. That was the channel's goal for me ". The idea of "Fan TV," which was invented by Arsenal Fan TV, inspired other team supporters to launch comparable YouTube channels.

Their very first fan interviews were held following Arsenal's 5-2 victory against nearby rivals Tottenham Hotspur.

Robbie Lyle Contact and Channel Details

Robbie is very active on social media Platforms, He often tweets to shares his views about Football and other important things. Below mentioned are his Twitter and other social media Profiles.

Robbie Lyle Twitter = @ItsRobbieLyle

AFTV instagram = @aftvmedia


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